About us

Our mission

Our mission is to help B2B companies find new customers and accelerate their growth.

Growlabs automatically finds leads that match your ideal customer profiles from our proprietary database of 350 million leads.

We can then engage them using our Machine learning algorithm to optimize who to send emails to and when to follow up. When someone positively replies, we pass it directly to your sales reps, allowing them to focus 100% of their time on qualified prospects.

We help B2B companies across the world

Our database includes 350 million verified leads Internationally

Sales teams across the globe trust Growlabs to accelerate their growth

Our platform enables clients to reach prospects in their native language

We aim to add significant value

Increase your team's efficiency
Receive higher quality leads
Lose fewer prospective clients
Get a fast, yet personalized ramp-up
Improve conversions
Benefit from our expertise

Most SDR teams focus on prospecting leads, cold emailing, and following-up. This process is time-consuming and tedious, leading to high turnover amongst sales reps. Our software replaces all prospecting and nurturing activities. We pass only qualified, sales-ready leads to your team so that they can focus on what matters most… closing deals.

Our proprietary database is sourced by scanning millions of websites and public databases as well as our unique access to private directories. Our hundreds of trained researchers then verify and enrich existing data points, resulting in personalized campaigns and outreach.

It takes an average of 5 touch points to get a response from a cold lead. Most sales reps give up after 1 or 2 follow-ups, leading to many lost opportunities. We use an account-based strategy to reach the right decision maker at the right time and with the right message. We automatically follow-up based on triggers and responses until leads are sales-ready. This ensures you can make the most of each account and close more deals.

We know that every business has different needs and challenges. We work closely with each client to tailor the outbound sales strategy and get them high-quality leads. You can expect to start conversations with hot leads within 2 weeks of working with us.

We learn from millions of campaigns across dozens of industries, and our machine learning algorithms constantly optimize campaigns, messaging and triggers. It also dynamically adjusts our segmentation to help you get more qualified leads over time.

We’ve been in your shoes. Growlabs’ team and advisory group has years of combined experience in sales and an in-depth understanding of outbound sales automation. We work with companies big and small to help them save time and money, and get results quickly.