B2B Contact Data

Say goodbye to time-intensive prospecting 


Instantly find contact data that match your ideal customer profiles

Use advanced search filters to target with laser precision

Leverage the most comprehensive B2B contact database

Benefit from highly accurate leads that convert

320 Million

Searchable Contacts

12 Million

Searchable Companies

Our data is constantly updated and verified

We combine software with human intelligence to gather data from millions of websites and third-party sources.

Our software analyzes over 400M websites, social media feeds, third-party data exchanges, and public databases.

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Our highly-trained research contractors enrich prospect data to ensure we get you the highest quality leads.

Build highly targeted lists in minutes

Save hours of prospecting time. Create a list of segmented leads and personalize your outreach with our rich profiles.

Target Criteria
Human Intelligence
Fresh Data
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Instant Search
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Micro Segmentation
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Tailored Approach
No more hunting for leads one-by-one on dozens of sites. Our database finds you leads that match your ideal customer profile in seconds
Create a separate list for each of your micro-segments. See the benefits of sending tailored and unique messaging to each customer profile
Our rich segmentation and data allows you to personalize your outreach by using merge tags, rules and triggers
Automatically remove or blacklist existing records from your CRM with our 2-way integrations