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lead generation

Save hours of valuable time, leave the prospecting to us.
We'll build a list of high quality decision makers in your target markets

Target Criteria
Human Intelligence
Fresh Data
Target Criteria
Fresh Data
Human Intelligence
You specify your ideal customer profile: Industry, Company Size, Location, Job Title, Technology Used, Custom Fields, and more.
We find the highest quality leads based on your criteria. Our software searches data from millions of websites to find the key decision makers in your target markets.
We enrich prospect data with human intelligence to ensure you get high quality leads with verified information.
Our 2-way CRM integration prevents overlap with your existing contacts.

Automated sales outreach

Reach and nurture more key decision makers with our scalable, personalized email automation.

Automated cold-emails 

Sales outreach emails are automatically sent to qualified leads on behalf of your sales reps

Time zone detection

Emails are sent to leads at the optimal time of day no matter where there are based

Smart email scheduling

Emails are scheduled based on multiple variables including engagement data, buying signals, conversion patterns, etc.

Triggered Follow-ups

We programmatically follow up with prospects based on opens, clicks, and replies, and nurture them into sales-ready leads

Account-based strategy

CRM Integration

We sync lead activity data to your CRM and provide custom campaign reports

Personalized Sales Content

Personalized outreach greatly impacts open rates and positive replies. Reach leads with effective sales messaging, in your voice

Your Voice

Submit your existing sales content, customize emails from our library of templates, or work with us to develop the perfect pitch. Whatever the message, it will be authentic and on-brand.

One-to-one communication

All outbound messages are personalized per contact using custom merged fields. We’ll make sure your emails sound human because no one wants to talk to a robot. (Sorry, robots.)

Optimization and Reporting

We analyze millions of emails in real time to fine tune each campaign

Machine Learning

Our software analyzes success patterns that lead to conversions and dynamically improves campaigns accordingly.

A/B Testing

We systematically A/B test flows, cadences, content, decision makers and CTAs to ensure the best performance.

Campaign Reports

Review the results of your campaigns with thorough reports, and gain insights that will push your business forward.

Reps and territory management

Manage your sales reps, lead assignment, and territories with ease

Individual rep management

You can easily manage each of your rep’s status - whether they’re active, on vacation, leaving or transitioning to a new role, we make it easy.

Lead assignment

You can set how many new leads each rep gets every day so you can make sure your team is always busy, yet not overwhelmed.

Sales team management

Have an off-site with the team? Company holiday?  No problem. Pause all your outbound campaigns in one click.

Territory mapping

Easily assign reps to territories based on geography (down to the zip code), industry, company size, etc.


We analyze each reply to help determine which leads are sales ready and require immediate focus from your reps


When prospects aren’t sales ready, our software automatically schedules follow-ups to catch them when they are


Interested leads are sent directly to the inbox of your sales reps so they can prioritize conversations and close more deals


Sales reps don’t have to deal with OOO messages, bounces, or declines. We automatically filter these and determine next steps